Why Measure Vibration?

Vibration is considered the best operating parameter to judge dynamic conditions such as balance (overall vibration), bearing defects (enveloping) and stress applied to components. Many machinery problems show themselves as excessive vibration. Vibration analysis can uncover many mechanical issues including: Imbalance Bearing failure Mechanical looseness Misalignment Structural resonance Bent shaft Gear fault Pump cavitation Speed […]

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National Passive Safety Crash Demonstration Day to take place

On 6th July 2022 Passive Safety UK will be holding a FREE to attend National Passive Safety Crash Demonstration Day. The Local Council Roads Innovation Group (LCRIG) caught up with event organiser Andrew Pledge to find out more. Q. Why have you decided to put on the National Passive Safety Crash Demonstration Day? A.“In line with […]

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The Soft Pedestrian System is a system for testing emergency braking systems on cars in all scenarios involving VRUs (Vulnerable Road Users). It leverages ABD’s decades of motion control experience for a new purpose. Using the motor and control technology behind the ABD driving robots, we can precisely synchronize the movement of a mannequin with that of an approaching vehicle. If you have a Torus SR60 or SR60 steering robot, these can be used as the drive motor for the SPT20.

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