Testing by the Netherlands government agency responsible for highway safety established a ‘marker’ fitted to unusual vehicles significantly improved the detection of these these objects. The agency have mandated all vehicles working on the highway must be fitted with this type of marker vehicles that otherwise would not be detected by radar.

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ADAS Testing and Validation

OxTS RT-Range onboard the RT3000 v3 Collect real-time relative position, orientation, and dynamics measurements between your vehicle under test and a network of static and moving targets. Preferred INS of driving robot and platform manufacturers Brings all data together in one vehicle on the CAN bus Used widely by Euro NCAP and NHTSA test labs […]

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Driving Robots

The first AB Dynamics robot was delivered in 1997 and is still in use today. Visit any automotive proving ground worldwide and you’ll most likely see our robots in use. The range now includes several different steering robots as well as pedal robots and a gearshift robot. They all share a common software environment and […]

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