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The Soft Pedestrian System is a system for testing emergency braking systems on cars in all scenarios involving VRUs (Vulnerable Road Users). It leverages ABD’s decades of motion control experience for a new purpose. Using the motor and control technology behind the ABD driving robots, we can precisely synchronize the movement of a mannequin with that of an approaching vehicle. If you have a Torus SR60 or SR60 steering robot, these can be used as the drive motor for the SPT20.

What’s New in Simcenter 3D 2022.1

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Simcenter 3D helps you conquer engineering challenges. As the most comprehensive, fully-integrated CAE solution, you can work across simulation domains from a common engineering desktop.

Simcenter 3D 2206 Early Access Program

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The Simcenter 3D Early Access Program offers users a sneak-peak at the latest enhancements and a chance to help influence what the next release has in store.


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Testing by the Netherlands government agency responsible for highway safety established a ‘marker’ fitted to unusual vehicles significantly improved the detection of these these objects. The agency have mandated all vehicles working on the highway must be fitted with this type of marker vehicles that otherwise would not be detected by radar.

Measurement microphone sets

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The measurement microphone sets have been combined so they fulfil our users’ typical measurement needs.

Survey and Mapping Showroom without leaving your desk

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Visit OxTS and explore survey and mapping applications, products and services without leaving your desk.

Our virtual showroom enables you to easily locate the information most relevant for your project in an interactive, user-friendly environment.