ADAS testing with General Motors

GM uses AB Dynamics’ driving robots and ADAS targets for developing its vehicle driver assistance technology. In this video, you can see GM’s special ASTA test track and some of the tests being done.

Mercedes uses AB Dynamics’ GST to demonstrate active safety

At the launch event for its 2017 E-Class, Mercedes demonstrates the active safety technology onboard by driving the car towards a Guided Soft Target from AB Dynamics.

The E-Class detects the GST and brakes to avoid a collision without any input from the driver.

Have you discover Simcenter SCADAS RS? 

Tthe brand-new rugged data acquisition and multi-physics measurement system for testing in harsh environments.


How to ensure your ADAS targets arrive at the intersection point at exactly the same time as your test vehicle? Watch this video

Ultra-Thin Precision Microphones

The bendable UTP strip allows us to mount sensors on curved surfaces of the car body. And we really like the fact that we can easily calibrate all mounted channels in-situ with the calibration adapter. -Leading European OEM-


“Femap lets us prepare analysis models quickly, and present the results quickly. And it gives us the functionality we need for a good price.”

Moshir Daoud, Structural Engineer

Optimizing efficient global collaboration for business growth

LOC’s engineers can quickly identify areas of high stress and easily redesign a structure to reduce them. The approach is helping LOC to reduce its overall speed of development, helping to meet deadlines with engineers able to pass models from one office to another maximizing their effectiveness. 


Simcenter™ is a flexible, open, and scalable portfolio of the best predictive simulation and test tools that support you at every step in your digital journey. Simcenter is a key component within Xcelerator.


GRAS Instructional Video How to perform daily verification/calibration of GRAS 146AE using 42AG Sound Calibrator and RA0341 Calibration Adapter.


Our KONIC Shear design features as one of the most robust accelerometers on the market.