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Simcenter SCADAS XS

Simcenter SCADAS XS helps you perform fast and reliable measurements and comes with a tablet for instant investigation, diagnostics, and troubleshooting. With its compact design, Simcenter SCADAS XS comfortably fits in your hand. It features reliable onboard data storage and a full working day of battery autonomy, offering the flexibility you need to improve testing efficiency.

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Simcenter Sound Camera

Simcenter Sound Camera enhances your product acoustic design. It minimizes the time spent in tracking down sources that contribute to unwanted noise.

Its robust, modular design supports many sound source localization applications over a wide frequency range, both in the far and near acoustic field. The dedicated software shows results immediately after starting up. It delivers clear, graphical results that are easy to interpret and share. For increased engineering insight, you can also combine the Simcenter Sound Camera hardware with the Simcenter Testlab software.

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Sound Power Testing

Quantifying the sound power generated by a product is critical to many industries. Sound power values are required for certification, but also for engineering and benchmarking purposes. Our certified sound power testing solutions guide operators to comply with international standards and regulatory directives while offering the flexibility to incorporate custom, in-depth acoustic engineering workflows.

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Simcenter SCADAS Mobile

By using Simcenter SCADAS Mobile you can build a large field test setup with multiple frames to expand mobile measurements to include hundreds of input channels. All systems can work in a true main-secondary configuration with fully synchronized data saved in one measurement file. The distributed acquisition happens through optical cabling, and you can easily daisy chain several frames into a single measurement platform. In addition, you can extend any Simcenter SCADAS Mobile system to become a frontend for vibration-control applications or for certification testing of individual components under operational loads.

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GRAS 45CB Acoustic Test Fixture

The GRAS 45CB Acoustic Test Fixture is designed and specified to comply with the ANSI/ASA S12.42 standard. With this test fixture, you can test all types of hearing-protectors in the most realistic way – both in the acoustic lab and in the field. Compliance with ANSI/ASA S12.42 assures technicians, decision-makers, and authorities of repeatable and transparent data when developing and verifying hearing protectors.

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