About Us

About Us

Why are we different?  

DAG Technologies is a support you can call on to help you especially in sound and vibration testing to get the best solution.

Our Clients:



The ‘boring’ thing!

DAG Technologies is supplier of Noise & Vibration test system & Simulation software. We have more than 20 years of experience in this field.

We are committed to help you especially in sound and vibration testing, to take smarter decisions, to increase testing productivity, to ensure compliance to industry standards and ultimately to deliver a unique sound and vibration quality experience.

Our customers among others are Modenas, Bosch, Motorola, BOSE, USM, Salutica, STREND, STRIDE, UM, UPM, IIUM, PROTON, K. Jebco, LGM, MIROS, UTEM, UTM-MJIIT, UTM, Dyson & etc.    

List of brands that we represent in Malaysia as follows:

  • Siemens PLM / Digital Industry  (USA) – Sound, Vibration & Durability Test devices (Testlab, SCADAS, Sound Camera….) & Simulation Software ( Femap , Simcenter 3D…)
  • Microflown (Denmark) – Particle velocity sensor base acoustic test system ( Scan & Paint 2D, Scan & Paint 3D, Sound Source)
  • Tira GmbH (Germany) – Vibration Test System / Shaker, Slip table , Climate chamber.
  • DJB Instruments (UK) – Accelerometer, force sensor & electronics.
  • GRAS (Denmark)  – Test (UTP) Microphone, Manikin (Head & Torso) , Test Fixture & etc.
  • Monarch Instruments (USA) – Stroboscope, tachometer & etc.
  • OXTS (UK) – ADAS Testing, Autonomous Vehicle Testing, Vehicle Dynamics Testing & etc.
  • Moshon Data (UK) – Flex-Moshon 3D, EuroNCAP Vehicle Target (EVT), Flex-Moshon Towing Systems, and etc.
  • Ab Dynamics (England) – ADAS Targets, Guided Soft Target, Soft Car 360, & etc.

The ‘not so boring’ thing!

DAG Technologies is passionate to the ‘long term view’ – this means that we are not afraid to tell it to you ‘straight’, looking out for your best interest (ahead of ours) . . . which can and does include us telling you:

while we would love to sell you ‘this’, you can get a better solution with …