DAG Technologies (M’sia) Sdn. Bhd. provides unique balance of software, testing systems, and decision support infrastructure technologies can help your organization to achieve strategic competitive advantages.



One of the important step in product development progress having very powerful CAE tools that enables to solve the potential errors, failure on the model in the earlier stage of design process.

Our experience for simulation software usage throughout years has shown  how important and beneficial could be for companies to use the right CAE software for right analysis type in order to accelerate the product development progress with lower cost.

We have always advised to our customer the most convenient CAE solutions base on their request and budget. Here is very powerful product portfolio for all kind of applications.



As virtual prototyping develops in significance, it is important to realize that physical testing still plays a critical role. Only testing can provide real-life information on the performance of current and competitive products, or on the loads that are encountered in the field. Only testing can provide the feedback the design teams need to validate their assumptions and help calibrate their virtual models.

DAG Technologies (M’sia) Sdn Bhd provides an unrivaled range of integrated solutions for any aspect of testing and analysis.  We also provide mobile testing and analysis systems – as well as a range of sound and vibration analyzers for those simple tasks best handled by the traditional instrument. All applications are seamlessly integrated – from general purpose noise and vibration testing, through to acoustic assessment and sound quality engineering, structural and ground vibration testing, rotating machinery analysis, vibration.