DAG Technologies (M’sia) Sdn Bhd together with many of our technology partners has a track record of success in helping clients to reach new standards of product development and refinement.

We are specialized in implementing and managing the total operation and maintenance of the state of the art functional performance testing systems and multidisciplinary virtual prototyping CAE software for automotive, aerospace, defense, process and manufacturing industries

Our unique balance of skills in the technology, process and engineering refinement can help customer achieve substantial positive influence on quality, reliability, durability, as well as time and cost savings by better use of acquired technologies and software.




Unique balance of software, testing systems, and decision support infrastructure technologies can help your organization to achieve strategic competitive advantages.


There is nothing more important to us than ensuring that our customers successfully use our products. Our Support & Professional Services organization helps customers resolve any issues or questions regarding the use of products to ensure that they maximize the benefits of the software and hardware. We do this by providing timely and reliable support to all customer inquiries.


We continue to offer unprecedented consulting in various engineering fields as we believe sophisticated engineering simulation software is only as good as its network of technical and business support resources.


We provide comprehensive software and hardware training to teach customers how to use our products quickly and effectively. Our goal is to ensure that our customers achieve immediate benefits. Our standard training classes are typically conducted over two or three days, but customized training classes can also be arranged. By the end of the training, users are effectively using our products within their own environment.

Project Management

We provide complete project management for contract research and Technology Transfer Programs.  Our Technical Consultants provide business practice recommendations and a detailed implementation plan. Our Technical Consultants are engineering and CAD professionals who have extensive industry experience with product development tools and processes. They leverage that experience to deliver complete software and hardware solutions that ensure customer success.